Notice of termination of touch & talk series support

YUBISASHI 旅の指さし会話帳

Notice of termination of YUBISASHI touch & talk series support

For customers using the application “YUBISASHI touch & talk”

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of YUBISASHI touch & talk series apps.

This time, we have ended the support in the application of “YUBISASHI touch & talk series” that you have long patronized.

The app you have used until now can make a Free migration to “travel phrase app YUBISASHI”.


STEP1 Let’s register first before migrating!

What is “travel phrase app YUBISASHI”?

Travel Conversation Collection Bestsellers “Traveling Phrasebook YUBISASHI” and other travel books can be fun with this app alone.

The app you have used until now can make a Free migration to “travel phrase app YUBISASHI”.
▶ Click here for details on“travel phrase app YUBISASHI”(Japanese)

First of all, please download free from the following.

travel phrase app YUBISASHI
travel phrase app YUBISASHI

*User registration is required.
App StoreGoogle Play


STEP2 Let’s migrate “touch & talk” application

Migration procedure to “travel phrase app YUBISASHI”

【1】 Launch the purchased “touch & talk” application

→Click here if the app does not launch(Japanese)


【2】Menu >Open the “information”
Tap the banner with “if you are alredy a member”


【3】 Log in with the account registered in the Yubisashi app in STEP1

migration log in

【4】 Displayed in Your Apps List

migration my page

【5】 Please select “purchased” in the menu “Store”.

Tap “Restore” on the upper right, and download the migrated app.
*There is no “Restore” for Android devices

【6】 The downloaded book is placed on the bookshelf and available


※As for travel phrase app “YUBISASHI”, it will be in a state where new registration can not be temporarily by maintenance of the server from 6/25 to 26 .

If you plan to use it for travel etc., it would be appreciated if you could register earlier.

【App】 Notification of server maintenance(2019.06.25-26)(Japanese)

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