Overseas Visitors LUCKY DRAW !! Enter to win a Gift Cards or a free one-night stay etc.!!


Apply NOW!!「JAPAN touch&talk」x「YOKOSO Japan Tour」!!

A gift campaign to celebrate the collaboration between the portal site “YOKOSO Japan Tour” for foreign tourists in Japan and the travel conversation app “JAPAN touch & talk”.

Download the「YUBISASHI mini JAPAN touch&talk」 App and enter to win Gift Certificates/Gift Cards or Free one-night stay at Sheraton Miyoko Hoterl Tokyo or HAKONE One-Day Tour etc…!!

Application period: April 10th to July 9th, 2015

豐富獎品等你拿!「JAPAN touch&talk」x「YOKOSO Japan Tour」舉辦了抽獎活動!

旅遊會話APP「JAPAN touch&talk」跟 訪日遊客專區「YOKOSO Japan Tour」聯手舉辦了抽獎活動,


yubisashi mini JAPAN

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